Natural Family Planning



What is Natural Family Planning and

 Why Does the Parish Offer Classes to Learn It?

Natural Family Planning is fertility awareness, and its knowledge allows married couples to use their gift of fertility within God’s beautiful design for sexuality, which builds up and strengthens their marriage relationship. NFP can be used by married couples throughout their fertile years both to seek and postpone pregnancy when they are called to do so.  NFP is a modern, scientific method of family planning that couples with regular or irregular cycles can use with a high rate of effectiveness – it is not the Calendar Rhythm Method of the 1950s and 60s.

The parish offers Natural Family Planning (NFP) classes for the express purpose of building strong marriages and families! It is a great joy – indeed it is authentic happiness – to live in accord with our nature as human persons, made in the image and likeness of God.  And NFP helps married couples to do just that.  The Church has reaffirmed her age-old teaching about married sexuality in many recent documents, such as Humanae Vitae, Gaudium et Spes, Evangelium Vitae, Familiaris Consortio, and the writings which comprise Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

Many couples find that they experience true freedom, enhanced communication, more satisfaction, and deepened love in their marriages through the practice of Natural Family Planning.

Learn practical NFP, discuss discernment of family size and dealing with abstinence, and learn more about Church teaching on married sexuality and Theology of the Body, in an English or Spanish NFP class series – and discover the blessings that flow from living in accord with God’s beautiful design!

Natural Family Planning Classes - 2014 Calendar

Note: All classes will be held in Room 3 of the Cathedral Center (unless otherwise indicated), and childcare will be provided in the Angel House.  Pre-registration is required (see details below).

English NFP Dates for 2014:


First Session

Sunday, January 12 @ 2pm

Sunday, February 9 @ 2pm

Sunday, March 9 @ 2pm


Second Session

Sunday, May 18 @ 2pm

Sunday, June 22 @ 2pm -held in    Semperi Hall (Cathedral basement)

Sunday, July 20 @ 2pm


Third Session

Sunday, September 7 @ 2pm

Sunday, October 5 @ 2pm

Sunday, November 2 @ 2pm


*To register visit

OR contact:

Jodi Todd



*Cost is $140 per couple, or $115 for current CCL members.         

Spanish NFP Dates for 2014:


First Session

 Sunday, January 26 @ 3pm

Sunday, February 23 @ 3pm

Sunday, April 6 @ 3pm


Second Session

 Sunday, July 27 @ 3pm

Sunday, August 24 @ 3pm

Sunday, September 21 @ 3pm


 *To register e-mail or call:

Natalie Herrera



*Cost is $55 per couple.


Postpartum and Pre-menopause NFP Classes


Offered as needed, once a year. 

Please call for more info: Natalie Herrera 903-574-8872.